Say “Good-bye” to Your Hardware Laboratory

Triakis provides fresh, effective solutions to the perennial problems afflicting embedded systems and software development. Our pure 100% virtual-environment simulators can help you reign in lengthening project schedules and increasing development & support costs. Virtual System Integration Laboratory (VSIL) simulation technology provides every systems and software team member a virtual copy of the system on their desktop PC to develop and test their slice of the project. We are your best defense against the proliferation of costly laboratory test equipment, project hardware, and federated single-purpose simulators in common use today. Triakis VSILs are the only 100% virtual environment accepted by the FAA and EASA as a sole platform for complete software certification to DO-178B Levals A-E.

100% Virtual Means:

  • No more test equipment and hardware
  • No more costly laboratory expenses and scheduling conflicts
  • Every programmer testing on the whole system - every time - on their MS Windows PC
  • Enable diversely-located teams to develop and test without hardware
  • Shorten project schedule by increasing programmer productivity
  • Full regression testing at the click of a button
  • Environment-driven tests, exercising both the object SW and the RTOS
  • A library of virtual hardware at your fingertips:
    e.g. emulators, oscilloscopes, memory monitors, multi-meters, etc.
  • Verified system design changes rapidly distributed to the entire development team
  • Discover system & software errors early in the development cycle
  • Consistent delivery of high quality software in less time and for less cost
  • Accepted by FAA & EASA for software verification to DO-178B Levels A-E

Triakis VSIL's provide a customer-estimated 40-120% ROI…while giving you the peace of mind that comes with producing Zero-Defect software.