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VSIL development is most effectively begun at the start of a project – ideally during the system design phase.  This provides a platform on which software development may begin even before hardware design has been completed.  To support this, the VSIL is configured with a pseudo-processor part in which source code may be developed, executed, and tested with the chosen operating system – independent of the control processor choice.  As the hardware design takes shape, a microprocessor instruction-set emulator and hardware model fidelity is added to the VSIL so that the executable object software may be fully verified.

While best created early, VSIL development remains cost-effective even into the beginning of a project’s software verification phase.  This is especially true of safety- & mission-critical projects, as well as those with diversely located or outsourced verification teams. 

Triakis VSIL development, simulator development, and software verification services may be purchased on either a fixed-price, or a time & materials contract.  First-time purchasers are most efficiently served on a time & materials basis given the ease with which out-of-scope changes (e.g. requirements, design, etc.) can be accommodated.

To order: please contact your Triakis representative to discuss your project’s schedule, system & hardware design complexity, documentation status, anticipated software complexity, and certification requirements or development & test objectives.

Triakis will provide you with a rough estimate quotation of the service price based upon the information received.  This quotation will include Triakis’ expected start date based on your schedule requirements, and our staff availability.  In most cases, Triakis can begin work on your project as soon as a contract is signed.  If your project requires immediate support, Triakis is willing to start work on a short-term purchase order or other instrument until a longer term contract can be initiated.

Triakis VSILs:

  • 100% virtual
  • produce zero-defect software
  • accepted as a complete software qualification environment by the FAA and EASA.
  • provide an estimated 40% to 120% return on investment

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