Services We Provide

Our product is VSILTM, and via VSIL services, we build a laboratory for your use in your testing and developing environment. We are the only provider that allows for 100% virtual development and testing in an environment that is approved to level A of DO-178B. When you decide to become a client of Triakis, you've made the first step in increasing your departments efficiencies, and lowering your budget.

Triakis Services

Triakis retains a staff of highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in embedded hardware and software development, as well as embedded software verification.  Triakis’ powerful team of professionals is a valuable, cost-saving complement to your project - endowing it with substantial competitive advantages through the following services:

VSIL Creation for Software Development & Verification:

  • Triakis creates, verifies, and delivers VSIL products conforming to system and hardware design documentation supplied by a project. 
  • VSIL runs on MS Windows-based PCs and are set up for use with a project’s preferred embedded development environment (e.g.  Green Hills Multi, Altium Tasking, Gnu, et al.).  Project software runs unmodified in the Triakis VSIL.
  • VSIL can be configured to run code instrumented by coverage tools, e.g. LDRA, RTRT, et al. with no timing differences compared to the un-instrumented code.
  • The VSIL product for development comes software verification-ready, and qualified as required.

Software Verification in a VSIL Environment:

  • For projects desiring efficient, best-in-class software verification, Triakis will create a customized VSIL and test the project software to the requested level of quality. 
  • All VSIL tests are requirements-based, and environment-driven for the greatest realism.
  • Triakis provides weekly test coverage metrics for progress tracking.
  • For safety-/mission-critical software, Triakis can provide complete modified condition/decision coverage (MCDC) testing and supporting documentation.
  • Triakis qualifies its avionics VSIL product and provides supporting documentation as required by the FAA/EASA for a project’s DO-178B criticality level (A-E).

Simulations for Product/Concept Development/Marketing:

  • Triakis will simulate your product/concept with realistic graphic displays, controls, and dynamic 3D modeling as required for a low-cost customer demonstration tool.

Training & Support:

  • Triakis provides on-site training to your engineering project personnel on how to use VSIL to its full potential for software development & verification test.
  • Triakis provides support services to ensure that the VSILs and simulators it delivers continue to operate as delivered with compatible third-party software.