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Triakis Corporation is a veteran-owned small business specializing in helping companies to cost-effectively develop, verify, and sustain embedded software to their required quality standards.  Located in Redmond, Washington, Triakis has provided companies with custom virtual system integration laboratory (VSIL) simulators for avionics software (SW) development & verification to the full range of rigor required by the FAA and EASA.  Triakis has received several grants from NASA’s Office of Safety & Mission Assurance to conduct SW assurance research activities using its unique VSIL environment.  Established in 1993, Triakis remains unrivaled in its ability to offer avionics companies 100% virtual, total software qualification environments that are accepted by the FAA and EASA.


Triakis retains a staff of highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in embedded hardware and software development, as well as embedded software verification.  Triakis’ powerful team of professionals is a valuable, cost-saving complement to your project - endowing it with substantial competitive advantages through the following services:

VSIL Creation for Software Development & Verification:

  • Triakis creates, verifies, and delivers VSILs conforming to system and hardware design documentation supplied by a project. 
  • Triakis VSILs run on MS Windows-based PCs and are set up for use with a project’s preferred embedded development environment (e.g.  Green Hills Multi, Altium Tasking, Gnu, et al.).  Project software runs unmodified in the Triakis VSIL.
  • Triakis VSILs can be configured to run code instrumented by coverage tools, e.g. LDRA, RTRT, et al. with no timing differences compared to the un-instrumented code.
  • VSILs for development come software verification-ready, and qualified as required

Software Verification in a VSIL Environment:

  • For projects desiring efficient, best-in-class software verification, Triakis will create a VSIL and test the project software to the requested level of quality. 
  • All VSIL tests are requirements-based, and environment-driven for the greatest realism.
  • Triakis provides weekly test coverage metrics for progress tracking.
  • For safety-/mission-critical software, Triakis can provide complete modified condition/decision coverage (MCDC) testing and supporting documentation.
  • Triakis qualifies its avionics VSILs and provides supporting documentation as required by the FAA/EASA for a project’s DO-178B criticality level (A-E).

Simulations for Product/Concept Development/Marketing:

  • Triakis will simulate your product/concept with realistic graphic displays, controls, and dynamic 3D modeling as required for a low-cost customer demonstration tool.

Training & Support:

  • Triakis provides on-site training to your engineering project personnel on how to use their VSIL to its full potential for software development & verification test.
  • Triakis provides support services to ensure that the VSILs and simulators it delivers continue to operate as delivered with compatible third-party software.

Recent Triakis Projects

Avionics VSILs – Majority DO-178B Level A Criticality:

  • A320 Landing Gear Control & Indication System
  • A330/A340 Doors & Slides Control System
  • B777-200F Main Deck Cargo Door Controller
  • B777-200F Weight & Balance System
  • EADS A400M Brake & Antiskid Control System (BACS)
  • Boeing 787 Brake Control & Monitoring System (BCMS)
  • USAF C-130 Weight & Balance System R&D VSIL
  • B777 Tire & Brake Monitoring System (TBMS)
  • Airbus A380 Proximity Sensing System
  • Hawker Horizon Landing Gear Control & Indication System
  • Embraer ERJ-170 Proximity Switch System
  • Boeing 747-400 Proximity Switch Electronics Unit (PSEU)
  • Boeing 717 (MD-95) P5 DSP (sub-unit of PSEU)
  • Boeing 757 P5 DSP (sub-unit of PSEU)
  • Boeing 747-400 Power Distribution System Concept Demonstrator
  • R&D VSIL for Anti-Skid and Linear Position Sensing System
  • Bombardier CL-604 PSEU<

VSILs Created for NASA-Funded Research:

  • ORION Crew Module Launch Abort System<
  • STEREO Spacecraft, ground station, orbital environment
  • Mini-AERCam inspection spacecraft
  • Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (robotic arm)

To our knowledge, no software defects have ever been reported by any airframe manufacturer receiving an avionics system whose software was verified in a Triakis VSIL.

Triakis VSILs provide a customer-estimated 40% to 120% ROI with the following benefits:

  • Equips every programmer/tester with VSIL at their desk (i.e. no resource contention)
  • Enables diversely-located teams to develop & test without hardware
  • Shortens project schedule due to increased programmer efficiency
  • Find software bugs early (when least expensive to fix)
  • Eliminates/reduces the need for test equipment/hardware
  • Eases full coverage testing for safety/mission critical software
  • Eliminates obsolescence of test environment throughout product life-cycle

Start producing zero-defect software for less cost with a Triakis VSIL today!