Crane Aerospace AirWeighs Simulator

Triakis is developing a virtual system integration laboratory (VSIL) simulator for the purposes of system and software development & verification for the Crane Aerospace C-130 AirWeighs automated weight & balance system.  In addition to developing the AirWeighs VSIL, Triakis will participate in refining and enhancing algorithms used for this product.

AirWeighs is an automated weight and balance system using Crane Aerospace & Electronics patented technology.  This innovative, automated on-board weight and balance system is designed to convert landing gear struts into weighing scales, thereby providing a quick and accurate readout of both aircraft weight and Center of Gravity.  Accurate determination of aircraft weight and balance is critical to safe and efficient operation of an airplane.  Ray Boushie, Crane Aerospace & Electronics President, stated, "There is a long unsatisfied need in the airline industry for a method of determining on-board weight and balance that is both highly accurate and low cost. Our weight and balance system will achieve both."

For more information on this system, please visit the AirWeighs page (click on Logo below) on the Crane Aerospace web site and submit a request through the "ask the expert" link.