ETA Oct 2023

Documentation, Demonstrations, and Presentations are in work.

  Simulations are Parts Oriented: Generally the manufacturer's part numbers are used.

    For example: The B787-8 Dreamliner is a part, The NXP KE1xF Microcontroller is a part.

    The ARM_CM4_Core CPU is just a part inside the KE1xF.

  SW Verification Scripts can setup scenarios to test normal operational SW Requirements.

  SW Verification Scripts can command realistic part failure modes for complete path and structural coverage.

  No setting up of breakpoints and changing memory or registers is needed (but is available).

  Reports are written. Documents are generated. FAA and EASA Acceptance is granted.

Our long range roadmap is to simulate "everything". A very large library.

  Us and anyone may add parts to the library. One may charge for code or leave it as open source.

  Quality control checking is mandated for the parts.

  What are some general part categories?

    Vehicles, Microcontrollers, Test Boards, Interface Devices, CPU's, Power Supplies, Test Equipment.

Submitted for Publications

No unpublished submissions at this time.

".sim" File Example

A Tidbit: Top Level Specification for the NXP KE1xF Microcontroller
Triakis Team - 2022.
Showing Sections: Signal, DoubleSignal, CodedPart, SimFilePart, Connection, DoubleConnection, AddressDataGroup, AddressDataGroupArg, AddressAmbig, AddressRange, StringArg, LongArg, and DoubleArg. The Signal: and DoubleSignal: sections show the KE1xF Chip edge input and output signals.