July 2010:

The DO-178B level-A qualified VSIL simulator that Triakis delivered to Crane Aerospace for development & test of the B787 Brake Control & Monitoring System (BCMS) software, was accepted by the FAA as a BCMS flight software verification test tool.

Triakis' Virtual System Integration Laboratory (VSIL) allowed Crane engineers to run flight software that has been instrumented for MCDC reporting with LDRA Software Technology. Path coverage, a.k.a. modified condition/decision coverage (MDCD), analysis is required for certification of avionics flight software such as that used in the Boeing B787 Brake Control & Monitoring System (BCMS), developed in conformance with DO-178B level A criticality standards.  Complex real-time software instrumented for MCDC analysis cannot be run in a hardware environment because execution timing is dramatically altered by the inserted code.  However, Triakis' innovative solution to this problem enables instrumented object code to be run in its VSIL simulator environment with execution timing exactly the same as the non-instrumented code.  This saves the developer/tester a significant amount of time when producing embedded real-time software who's certification requires MCDC analysis.

Used by hundreds of software development and test engineers in three teams separated by thousands of miles, Triakis' VSIL allowed Crane's software verification effort to proceed with unprecidented efficiency.

To our knowledge, no software defects have ever been reported by any airframe manufacturer receiving an avionics system whose software was verified in a Triakis VSIL.