January 2007:

The NASA Office of Safety & Mission Assurance's Software Assurance Research Program has selected a joint proposal by Johnson Space Center researcher Jane Malin and Triakis Corp. for a three-year study to develop & demonstrate a semi-automated method of system hazard & software fault identification. The following abstract describes this 3-year study entitled Automated Tool and Method for System Safety Analysis:

There is no unified, systematic, automated approach within NASA for verifying system requirements, and identifying failures and hazards to which the controlling flight software must be designed to react. Further, lack of uniform methods of gleaning information contained in requirements and design specifications produces inconsistent quality, increases opportunity for requirements-induced errors to propagate to subsequent development phases, and consumes excessive amounts of time in reanalysis when changes are made. Building on previous work, we will develop and demonstrate a semi-automated method of extracting system models, hazards and failures from specifications, to improve the efficiency, repeatability of system analysis for software assurance and test definition.

This research effort is funded by the NASA Office of Safety & Mission Assurance (OSMA) Software Assurance Research Program (SARP), and managed by the NASA IV&V Facility.

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